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FaceOff Cloth


The Next Generation of Makeup Removal  Are you searching for a healthier alternative to makeup removers and disposable wipes that contain harsh and harmful chemicals? Look no further...Face Off was developed to provide an innovative, healthier solution to meet your skin care needs. Face Off is a natural, soft, reusable cleansing cloth that removes all face and eye makeup, even mascara, using only warm water. It instantly eliminates dirt, excess oil and skin impurities leaving the complexion fresh and radiant. It is designed to delicately exfoliate and cleanse the skin, and it is safe and suitable for all skin types.  It is gentle enough for babies! Face Off is free of all detergents and chemicals. The secret is in the unique weave of ultra-thin microfibres, designed to gently lift dirt and impurities, leaving the skin naturally clean and smooth. The microfibre technology is also very hygienic and effective.

Care and Washing Instructions: Wash the cloth thoroughly with soap and water prior to initial use and after each use. Hang to dry. Face Off easily rinses clean of all stains and is also machine washable. Avoid bleach and fabric softeners. The cloth should be replaced every 3-4 months.


  • Removes face and eye makeup, even mascara, using only warm water
  • Natural, ultra soft and reusable
  • Instantly eliminates dirt, excess oil and impurities leaving the complexion fresh and radiant
  • Designed to delicately exfoliate and cleanse the skin leaving it feeling clean and healthy
  • Easy to use and can be reused again and again
  • Free of all detergents and chemicals
  • Replaces the use of expensive face and eye makeup removers
  • Economical and cost efficient
  • Ideal for the home, gym and travel
  • Makes a great gift. Your friends and family will love it!

Out for delivery by the first week of July!

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