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Featured Artisan: Indigenous Tree & Shelf Toppers by Nancy Potvin

Shoplift Deals Ltd. is honored to offer incredible partnerships with Artists and Artisans from across Canada!

Our first feature includes these incredible Tree & Shelf Toppers from Indigenous Artist Nancy Potvin. Please scroll down for a message from the Artist where she shares about herself, the history of her pieces and her contact information. Should you see something that you love, but you want to have your own custom piece with specific colours and details, please contact Nancy directly at her contact information listed below.

These exact specific Indigenous Tree & Shelf Toppers are available now and we have them in store, on display as well. If you choose one of these styles, they will vary slightly as each is made by hand and individually adorned.

Each Topper stands 12" tall. Each can be used for either a Tree Topper or a decoration on a shelf or table! Each Topper has intricate details in 360 degrees for you to enjoy from any angle!

100% of the price of these beautiful toppers goes directly to the Artist.

These are in stock and ready to ship immediately, we have one of each of these in stock!

Out of stock