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Fleece Leggings: Patterns & Solids!

Fleece Leggings: Patterns & Solids!

Flattering and comfortable, these breathable and awesome fleece-lined leggings will help you stay warm all winter!

Made of polyester, these stretch and give for a comfortable fit! These leggings are made with a 4" waist band for added flattering comfort and are a mid-rise fit. These are also considered "seamless" meaning they do not have the traditional seam, but rather a seam that runs the interior of the leg area.

Available in: Camo, Plaid, Houndstooth, Leopard, Black, Navy, Charcoal, and

Burgundy Available sizes are:

  • S/M: 4-6
  • M/L: 8-10
  • L/XL: 12-14

Machine washable, out for delivery before the end of October!

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