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Flint! The end of lint!

FLINT: The end of Lint! Love your pets, but not their hair? Do you have scarves or ponchos that shed? Just challenges with fuzz? Tired of lint rollers that are big, bulky and stick to everything they shouldn't? Introducing FLINT: The end to Lint! These super sticky, compact, reusable and stylish lint removers are a patented innovation in the lint roller market! So easy to use, designs make them easy to find in any purse, bag, glove compartment, briefcase, or backpack (or junk drawer)! Affordable and lasts longer than standard rollers, the Flint is your answer to fuzzy and hairy challenges! The Flint Arctic collection is inspired by the natural beauty of marble. They feature a shiny, high-gloss finish and make for a perfect accessory. The premium styles effortlessly combine function, style and fashion. Each Flint comes with a refillable 30 sheet Flint refill included. Additional refills come as a set of 3 refills. Dimensions: 5.25" tall x 1.5" wide Imported from USA, expected to go out for delivery by second week of May
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