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Float-Eh Canadian JUMBO Inflatables: Oh Canada

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Float-eh Canadian JUMBO Inflatables: Oh Canada


What do you do when you can’t decide which iconic Canadian symbol you want to spend your Summer floating on? You get the one with ALL THE SYMBOLS.

This tube is the perfect place to spend your Canadian summer vacation. Designed to comfortably fit one adult. Fully inflated size: 4 x 4 feet. Holds up to 350lb!

FLOAT-EH are original designs and a one-of-a-kind float. Crafted with the utmost attention to detail. Made with thick, durable, phthalates-free vinyl. 30-40% stronger than the average float.

Advanced valve system allows for quick inflation (w/ electric pump). Each float has a loop attachment for anchoring.

3 YEAR WARRANTY - We want to offer our customers a stress-free experience, which is why Float-Eh offers a 3 Year Limited Warranty on our products. Sizing is approximate and may vary slightly. Includes patch in case of small leak.

Float-eh! is an Ontario based company and we are proud to offer them as a partnership with Shoplift Deals! Check out all their options including other Canadian things like: Beavers, Moose, Loons, The Maple Leaf, and more! We also have their incredible Floating Jumbo Mats as well!

For recreational use only, this won't save your life. Remove from water after use. Store in a cool, dry place with no UV rays. Be sure to read full instructions included with each float and mat. 

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