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Freezie Cozies-Personalized

Help keep your freezies cold and your hands warm! These freezie cozies allow freezie tubes, yogurt tubes and anythign similarly shaped to slide into them and keep little hands from getting too cold, while keeping the freezie from melting! Comes in these styles and options: Each style will come as an assortment of colors and we are offering these to be selected using categories: Mermaid Tails:  -"Girls" assorted: purples, pinks, mermaid rainbow -"Boys" assorted: Blues, Teals, mermaid rainbow Sports: -Baseball -Basketball -Football -Soccer Colors:  "Girl" Colors: purples, pinks "Boy" Colors: blues, greens Neutral Colors: yellows, oranges, reds Personalization:  Name colors are available in any color or glitter! Please indicate in the personalization cell what names you want, in what color choice! Don't want personalization! Don't pay for it! Check out our other product offering with all these options but without the personalization! Expected to be out for delivery the first part of July
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