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Garden Soap Box - Perfect for the Gardener!

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These great little boxes are the perfect companion for the gardener in your life!

Dirty skin and nails are no match for the Pumice stone soap bar. Scented with tangy tangerine essential oil, this bar contains a liberal dash of ground pumice to help power out dirt stains on your hands and feet. Couple that with the Zefiro Zero Waste nail brush to get under those nasty nails and to get ground in soil off every inch of those gardeners' feet of yours. Then top it off with a soothing, calming, and deeply moisturizing Hemp Obsession Lotion scented with grapefruit and citronella essential oils to not only smell and feel amazing, but to deter insects the next time you head out!

Garden Soap - 80g
Garden Goddess Lotion - 60ml
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