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Get Organized with Tupperware!

Is your pantry a magical abyss where baking needs, sauces, canned goods, spices and other food goes to hide out from your kitchen? What about that junk drawer full of random items that need a home? Whether you have a craft supply that rivals Michaels or your kids collect art supplies like a walking collage, you can give all of these items a home of their own. Tupperware's Modular Mates come in all types of sets and sizes that are multifunctional and not just for food (even though they are REALLY awesome for organizing staples, cereal and more!). Each set available in either Red or Black! These sets are available for purchase until January 18 at 11pm and will be out for delivery around the second week of February. Overview of what comes in each set:   TUPPERWARE Snack Center REGULAR $161.00 SALE $94 SHOPLIFT $80 Two Super Oval 2s; 7.5 cups/1.8L, one Rectangle 1; 8.5 cups/2L, one Rectangle 2; 18 cups/4.3L, one Rectangle 3; 27.5 cups/6.5L and one Rectangle 4; 37 cups/8.8L. BEST DEAL   TUPPERWARE Baking Center REGULAR $119 SALE $72 SHOPLIFT $62 Two Super Oval 1s;3.5 cups/770ml, two super oval 2s; 7.5 cups/1.8L, one Rectangle 1; 8.5 cups/2L and one Rectangle 2; 18 cups/4.3L.   TUPPERWARE Beverage Set REGULAR $119 SALE $72 SHOPLIFT $62 Two Oval 1s; 2 cups/500 m, one Oval 3; 7¼ cups/1.7 L, one Oval 5; 12¼ cups (2.9 L), one Square 2; 11 cups (2.6 L), and one Square 3: 17 cups (4 L).   TUPPERWARE Pasta Center REGULAR $94 SALE $56 SHOPLIFT $46 Two Oval 4s; 9 ¾ cups/2.3L and two Square 2s; 11 cups (2.6 L)   TUPPERWARE Spaghetti Dispensers REGULAR $28 SALE $20 SHOPLIFT $14

Includes set of two 4 ¾-cup/1.1 L dispensers. 11 ¼"H x 3 ½"Dia. (28.5 x 9 cm) Great gift giving items for soup mixes, brownie mixes, specialty hot chocolate and more.

  TUPPERWARE Spice Shaker 8 Piece Small and Large Set REGULAR $50 SALE $29 SHOPLIFT $23

 Includes four small ½-cup/125 mL and four large 1-cup/250 mL spice shakers with your choice seal color. Double hinged tops allow for spooning or sprinkling.  Airtight seal keeps spices fresh up to 3 years.

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