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Get Ready for Summer Road Trips with this Kids E-Z-Travel Tray!

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Keep the kiddos busy during those great summer road trips with this EZ Travel Tray!  

Imagine a world where your kids are entertained for long-periods of time in the car, plane, or train—you name it. The Kids E-Z Travel Lap Tray is the solution you and your kiddos will love! They can store all their fun travel must-haves and keep themselves occupied with their creativity. No electronics needed, ever!

  • SO LIGHT: The E-Z Kids Travel Tray is light enough that your child can carry it as a messenger bag and take it anywhere.
  • MISHAPS STOP HERE: The stiff 1″ edge barrier keeps all sorts of things like snacks, crayons, toys, from rolling off. Hooray for things staying in place!
  • STORAGE GALORE: Your kids can zip up their travel must-haves like toys, coloring books, and everything in between.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Your kids will want to take their E-Z Travel Lap Tray wherever they go. For a deep clean, simply throw them in your next load of laundry.
  • MORE THAN A TRAY: The Kids E-Z Travel Lap Tray includes a cup holder, mesh pockets on the sides, and a strap around the back.
  • CAUTION: Please note: although this product does not adhere to a car seat or booster seat, we caution anyone considering this product to read through Health Canada’s Consumer Notice to determine if this is a product they think is appropriate for them. Any item infront of a child poses a risk of injury in a car accident. You can read more about these definitions here:Transport Canada Consumer Notice

Available in Black/Grey colour. 

Case size: 12 × 16 × 2 in


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