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Ginger's Grater

A 300 year old kitchen gadget that grates any food item! This amazing little plate is made in Spain and sold in Canada through Ginger's Graters! Ginger's Graters offers a few items in a line of great grating items and they are local, from Nova Scotia! So lucky to have come across these babies! Each plate is made with small patterns in the center that allow you to rub anything against the pattern to grate food items! If your items are wet, add a small amount of water onto the plate (a few drops or so) and get incredible grating of things like garlic and ginger! If your items are dry, simply grate them dry! Each set comes with the silicone sleeve (to remove skins from things like garlic very easily) and a mini brush to help "scoop" up the grated ingredients! Retails normally for $20-25 plus shipping of $13, this item normally costs $33-38 and are on Shoplift Deals for $18.50 The plates are dishwasher safe, but the brush and silicone sleeve are best washed by hand.
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