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Gourmet Himalayan Salt BBQ Blocks by Salt Works

  1. Adds essential minerals to your food
  2. Enhances the taste (and no it doesn't overload your food with salt!)
  3. It is more complex than using table salt
  4. Anti-Microbial Surface, naturally occurring! This means you don't have to worry about germs/cross contamination!
  5. Extreme Temperature resistance. Each block must heat slowly at 200 per 15 mins! Even though it requires gradual heating, it still has an incredible resistance to extreme heat: up to 800 degrees!
  6. Superior Heat Distribution. Heat spread evenly throughout the rock means a perfect overall temp every time!
  7. Hold tempurature longer! you can use your salt rock in either cool or hot tempuratures and it holds the heat and cold longer than other cooking surfaces.
  8. Use it for serving hot OR cold!! Its not just for BBQ~ its also great for serving sushi and other cool dishes!
  9. Food cures faster on the rock and is fun to watch!
  10. the blocks double as serving platters too!
You will love your new Salt Block by Salt Works. And your friends will be wondering why your dinners taste so much better! These are authentic Himalayan salt blocks and last for years and years! They make great wedding gifts, teacher gifts, birthday presents, anniversary gifts, and just because! Kick your food up to the next culinary level with a Salt Block today! Ships from USA and expected by the end of July/beginning of August!
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