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GOURMET HOT CHOCOLATE BOMBS by Ruffles & Lace Artisan Cakes


SOLD OUT: Stay tuned for when more become available!

Get ready for the latest innovation to hit hot chocolate since marshmallows!

Introducing: The Gourmet Hot Chocolate Bomb by Ruffles & Lace Artisan Cakes.

Made with Callebaut dark or milk chocolate, these sinfully delicious bombs are a fun twist on the old traditional favourite warm drink!

Available in four options:

  • Milk Chocolate Marshmallow made with Callebaut milk chocolate, cocoa mix, and mini marshmallows
  • Gluten Free (but you wouldn't know it) Salted Caramel made with Callebaut dark chocolate and gluten free cocoa mix
  • Gluten Free (but you wouldn't know it) Candy Cane made with Callebaut milk chocolate, gluten free cocoa mix, and crushed candy cane
  • SHOPLIFT EXCLUSIVE Gingerbread House made with Callebaut dark chocolate, cocoa mix, and spices including ginger and cinnamon

*These are made in an AHS approved and inspected home based bakery called Ruffles & Lace Artisan Cakes (they supplied some of our cookies from the cookie box we offered last christmas as well). This facility is GLUTEN FRIENDLY, not gluten free.

We only have 1000 of these available in total and it is recommended you purchase them and not wait as we will not be able to add orders after they sell out.

These have a shelf stable life of 3 months and do not require refrigeration, but they are made of high quality chocolate and will melt if near a heat source.

Out for delivery by mid November or sooner!

Out of stock