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Gourmet Village Brie Toppers: Step up your baked cheese game!


Baked Brie Toppers! YES!!!

Take your favourite creamy cheese to the next level with this assortment of flavourful toppers.

Available in 3 flavours: Pecan & Brown Sugar, Cranberry & Almond and Apricot & Jalapeno.


Place prepared toppings on a round of Brie or Camembert in an oven proof dish, bake in the oven (350F/180C) for 15 to 20 minutes, remove and serve with crusty artisan bread or crackers! Original recipes, ready to use. These toppings make it easy to serve a tasty Baked Brie or Camembert soft cheese at home. Bake and enjoy the delicate flavours as they combine in every mouthful.


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