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Grandco Sandals: Thongs!

Grandco Sandals: Thongs!

The PERFECT Sandal!

If you have yet to try these moulded sole jewelled sandals – you are missing out on the most versatile pair of shoes you will own! They are perfect as a beach sandal, trip to the mall, or an evening out. Let your toes dazzle in these wonderful sandals.

Grandco Sandals are so versatile and they now have different height options! With the low price points, stylish good looks, durability, and a comfortable moulded sole; Grandco Sandals are the must have addition to your closet. Are you planning a beach or summer wedding? These unique beaded sandals are gaining popularity among brides, and wedding guests worldwide!

Grandco Sandals are awesome for any outfit. They step up the flip flop and sandal style!

Available in the following styles and sizes:

  • Royal V: 6-11
  • Marble: 5-11
  • Coastal: 6-11
  • Expression: 5-11
  • Flawless: 5-11
  • Diamond Pearl:6-11

Out for delivery by the first week of July

Out of stock