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H2 Hockey Straps

NO MORE HOCKEY TAPE! As seen on Dragons Den! This incredible innovation is one of those items that makes you think "why didn't I think of that"? The answer is because 2 boys (David & Adam) from Ontario, Canada did! H2 Straps will hold your socks up on your shins or shin guards and prevent them from falling when you play hockey, rugby, football, baseball, running, basketball, cycling, la cross,  and weightlifting. They replace the wasteful, twisting option of tape and can be personalized and reused! In addition, they are:
  • Reusable
  • Water resistant
  • Made in Canada
  • Tried and tested by various hockey players at different levels
  • Cost effective
  • replaces hockey tape (except for tape on sticks)
  • adjustable
  • easy to put on by kids
Not just for kids, adults can wear them too! They also come with the option of personalization. Personalization is available with one word and one number per set of H2 Straps The H2 Hockey Strap is made in Vaughan, Ontario. The socks consits of a special hook and loop velcro that when used with your hockey socks it sticks to the fabric, goes around your leg, is adjustable and comfortable to wear. Available in two sizes: Kids up to 12 years: Small/Med-  approximately 19 inches long generally fits players up to the age of 12 Youth/Adult 12 +: L/XL- approximately 25 inches long, generally fits all players over the age of 12 Out for delivery end of September  
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