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Hand Sanitizer & Dispenser Bracelets!

Hand Sanitizer Bracelets

Introducing: Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Bracelets! Yes, they come with Hand Sanitizer!

Hand hygiene has never been more important in today's world.

Designed by a nurse with over 40 years in health care, the Germ Buhb Hand Sanitizer Bracelet makes infection control accessible, easy, and fun!

With 6 different colours available, let's work together to protect ourselves against the spread of infection.

The Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Bracelet is designed for use everywhere, everyday! It’s always with you, providing easy access to hand sanitizer and helping you reduce the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses by not having to reach for a bottle! 

Made from silicone, it comes complete with an adjustable wristband, 2 oz. (59ml) starter bottle of hand sanitizer liquid (enough for about six refills of the Germ Buhb), applicator nozzle, and filling/refilling instructions.


INACTIVE INGREDIENTS; deionized water,triethanolamine, carbomer, aloe barbadensis, gel, fragrance glycerine, propylene glycol, vitamin e  

This is a Canadian invented product by Nurses in Saskatchewan and we are proud to offer it on Shoplift!

Limited quantities, please order before we sell out.

Out for delivery by the end of August

Out of stock