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Handmade Toffee Crunch - WARNING: So delicious, you will crave it!


You have never had Toffee Crunch like this!!

Handmade in small batches from a old family recipe. These crunchy, chocolate covered toffees, also referred to as ‘butter crunch’ are to die for. Made with simple ingredients, real butter, sugar and coated with the finest chocolate.

Comes in a 4 oz/113 g size.

Available in:

I Shouldn't - Toffee Vanilla with Dark Chocolate & Pecan Dust

I Should - Toffee Vanilla with Milk Chocolate & Pecan Dust

Dreamsicle - Toffee Orange Vanilla and White Chocolate

Winter Break - Toffee Peppermint with Dark Chocolate

So delicious, so addictive. We warned you!

List of ingredients of each below!

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