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Happiness in a Box: Moms! FRENCH



Congratulations! You have found the gift that she deserves and that she’ll love! This Box of Joy® includes 365 messages, one for every day of the year. Messages of love that will make her smile, messages to thank her, some that may bring up good memories and some may even make her cry with Joy.

Give your mom a little love every day for a year, a small gesture compared to all the time she has given you through the years.
You can also use this Box of Joy® in a different way: keep the box home and use it to inspire you a daily message that you can text or tell your mom, she’ll love and appreciate the effort to keep in contact.
So, make your Mom feel all the love and gratitude you have for her with this original gift idea: don’t buy her a greeting card that lasts a few minutes, but rather a For you Mom Box of Joy® that will provide her 365 times more love!

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