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Do  you wear shoes with laces? Tie them no more! Innovative and time saving, the HICKIES LACING SYSTEM is a shoelace-less alternative to keep your shoes on your feet! The flexibility of the Hickies design allows your shoes to move with your foot, increasing comfort. HICKIES are great anytime-running, hiking, walking, doing sports or just wearing your shoes casually...if they have laces, you need HICKIES! A universtal product that fits any shoe with eyelets, you will never need to stop to do up or undo your shoes again! Simply slip HICKIES onto your shoes once, then just slip your feet into or out of your shoes forever! The flexible design allows the shoe to fit your foot properly while in use and then has the mobility to take your shoes off or put them on in a snap! An array of colors means you can match your shoes or not! Out for delivery by the end of September!
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