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Himalayan Salt Lamps


From Pakistan, these naturally carved Himalayan Salt Lamps come in either White or Amber.

Since white is a considerably more rare type of salt lamp, it costs more for the same size lamp if you select white.

These are imported direct from Pakistan by Relaxus and offered here on Shoplift. Himalayan Salt Lamps produce negative ions (anions) which are scientifically proven to enhance health, environment and well-being. High levels of anions are found in natural surroundings such as mountains, forests and waterfalls. They help neutralize the positive ions emitted from televisions, computers, artificial air conditioners, etc and fight free radicals while enhancing the beauty of your home and office. 

Carved by local artisans in Northern Pakistan.

Each salt lamp comes with a light bulb and electrical plug in with an on/off switch and is mounted on a wood base.

Size chart recommendation:

These sizes are recommended for the following room size:

  • SMALL: 1.5-2 kg lamp - (great size for a personal work space)
  • MEDIUM: 2-3 kg lamp - (great for a small bedroom or office)
  • LARGE: 4-5 kg lamp - (great for a standard bedroom) XLARGE: 6-7 kg lamp - (great for a livingroom) **Only available in Amber**
  • JUMBO: 9-11 kg lamp - (great for a medium sized entertainment area or meeting room) **Only available in Amber**
  • XLARGE JUMBO: 18-22kg lamp - (great for an average sized open plan office, very large living space or open retail environment such as a restaurant) **Only available in Amber**
  • Out for delivery mid September

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