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The Swedish Hinza Bag - Stylish AND Practical Tote!

hinza-bag large


Shoplift Deals are excited to offer Hinza Bags!  These bags are the stylish alternative for keeping things organized, whether its at any outing, home, or even work. These bags are made durable plastic and can easily be cleaned and sanitized over and over again!

SO many ways to use this bag:

  • Ultimate everyday bag - holds more than you think!
  • Shopping bags, perfect for packing your groceries
  • Beach, pool parties or picnic bag
  • Storage for magazines, toys, bit and pieces around the home
  • The list goes on limited only by your imagination!

The elegant Swedish design from the 1950s, in combination with fantastic usability, have resulted in the Hinza bags' huge popularity all over the world. The Hinza Bag is super surdy and easy to clean, it's the plastic material allows it to withstand almost anything it is exposed to. There are many colours of the bag to choose from, so that you get to pick your favourite!


  • Height with handle: 42 cm.  
  • Height without handle: 25 cm.
  • Length: 44 cm. Width: 18 cm.
  • Volume: 15 litres. 
  • Max weight: 15 kg.
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