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Hockey Sockey NFL Onesies

BONUS REBATE OFFER! Best price available! Do you have an NFL Fan in your life? Get them the best gift ever! NFL team FLEECE onesies! The closest thing to wearing your team uniform! Incredible quality, made for North American sizing (see the size chart), these are available from a size S up to an XL! All come with a bum flap, zipper, pockets and a hoodie! Roomy and warm, you can wear these to a game, or anywhere!

SPECIAL SHOPLIFT PROMOTION: Each onesie comes with a $40 rebate to Shoplift.

Your rebate will be in effect for any products at any time offered by Shoplift after Sept 1! Most are in stock and will be available to us between now and October. All will go out with plenty of time for the Holiday season so if you want these for presents, they will go out prior to Christmas. These are official, licensed products coming directly from Hockey Sockey. ALSO AVAILABLE: NHL onesies!
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