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HopePodz: Concentrated Eco Friendly Cleaner Pod Refills

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Introducing: HopePodz!

HopePodz is a Canadian company, invented by a youth entrepreneur and operated proudly by family! This entrepreneur, along with some friends, set out to help make a difference for our Planet. HopePodz was born from their collective initiative. They are easy to use, and most importantly help reduce items in our landfill with this product line that re-uses your existing cleaning spray bottles. And the best part: THEY ACTUALLY WORK! 

We are proud to exclusively offer the HopePodz 4 pack by individual order. These are normally only available by subscription and we are proud to partner with such an inovative industry disruptor!  

HopePodz are:

  • Zero Waste: HopePodz are a chemistry wonder. The pods' pouch is polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), not plastic! PVA is 100% biodegradable & fully dissolvable in water.
  • Eco-Certified: In an industry with too many false claims, HopePodz are Eco-Certified to be non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, biodegradable, and chock full of cleaning power. Just add water.
  • Clean with Ease: You'll get helpful labels with your first TrioPac. Proudly stick the label on your refilled bottle to easily indicate which cleaner you are using based on the colour!

Now you can clean AND disinfect your whole home. Start saving your plastic bottles from your recycle bin and refill with HopePodz Cleaners and Disinfectant. No plastic! No waste!

What is included:

1 Glass + 1 Multi-Surface + 1 Bathroom TrioPac — Eco-certified refills, plus 1 Disinfectant refill (4 products in total!)

After cleaning surfaces in your home, give a quick spray of the red HopePodz Disinfectant & let air dry for 10 minutes to safely kill 99.9% of all viruses, bacteria, fungi, mould

Powerful, pro-cleaning formulas, works on all non-porous surfaces Zero-waste, plastic-free, biodegradable. HopePodz are comparably priced to retail liquid house-cleaners, but SO MUCH BETTER! Very light fragrance

How does it work? Simply drop 1 pod into an empty spray bottle & refill with water. Each pod dilutes in any 26oz/769mL to 32oz/946mL bottle in a few mins and the solution is color coded so you can always see at a glance which cleaner you have based on the colour!

This first sale ends on January 22 and will be out for delivery the end of January!

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