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i2 1200 Portable USB Mini Fan!

i2 1200 Portable USB Mini Fan!

Up to 9 hours of run time!

These awesome hand held mini fans come with a stand and are truly portable!

Great for:

-the beach

-the lake

-the trailer


-the office

-your desk

-while driving


The 1200 series by i2 Intense Innovations is the newest version of the hand held fan! Each fan comes with its own USB charging cord and a stand for when you don't want to hold it! It can sit anywhere you are. It can charge from an electrical outlet, computer, car usb, etc. Each fan comes with a high quality rechargable lithium battery and holds the charge for long periods.

Runs up to 9 hours on low. 3 speeds: high, medium, low 3 colours: black, rose, blue teal If you are looking for a larger version, we also have the i2 7200 telescopic floor-to-table fan available as well! There are 4 other types of fans!

Out for delivery by the end of June!

Out of stock