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InBooze Alcohol Infusion Kits: Get ready for summer!

Introducing InBooze! Try something new with your favourite alcoholic drinks! These incredible pouches are filled with freeze dried fruits, veggies, spices, and herbs to create a new way to enjoy a twist to your favourite alcohol! Think of it like a giant tea bag, steeped in your favourite alcohol! Each single order is one giant infusion pod and makes a minimum of 8-10 cocktails, depending on your pour! Available in: -Spicy Margarita (sugar free) -Classic Margarita (sugar free) -Strawberry Margarita (sugar free) -Moscow Mule (sugar free) -Pineapple Moscow Mule (sugar free) -Old Fashioned -Sangria Red Wine -Apple Pie -Blackbery Gin Smash -Berry Lavender Lemonade (sugar free) -Blood Orange Margarita (sugar free) -NEW! Cucumber Citrus (no image yet!) -NEW! Rum Punch (no image yet!) Made in the USA Simply take your favourite alcohol and steep one InBooze Infusion pod for a minimum of 3 days. When you are ready, pour the desired amount of infused liquor into a glass, add ice and either sparkling water, soda, or a Sprite/7up pop option and voila, you have a beautiful new cocktail! You won't believe that most of these are even sugar free! On sale until March 19, out for delivery by mid April! Just in time for fun summer cocktails!
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