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InBooze Alcohol Infusion Kits: Flavour your own alcohol!


Introducing InBooze! Try something new with your favourite alcoholic drinks!

These incredible pouches are filled with freeze dried fruits, veggies, spices, and herbs to create a new way to enjoy a twist to your favourite alcohol!

Think of it like a giant tea bag, steeped in your favourite alcohol! Each single order is one giant infusion pod and makes a minimum of 8-10 cocktails, depending on your pour!

Available in:

-Spicy Margarita (sugar free)

-Classic Margarita (sugar free)

-Strawberry Margarita (sugar free)

-Moscow Mule (sugar free)

-Pineapple Moscow Mule (sugar free)

-Old Fashioned

-Sangria Red Wine

-Apple Pie

-Blackbery Gin Smash

-Berry Lavender Lemonade (sugar free)

-Blood Orange Margarita (sugar free)

-NEW! Cucumber Citrus (no image yet!)

-NEW! Rum Punch (no image yet!)


Made in the USA Simply take your favourite alcohol and steep one InBooze Infusion pod for a minimum of 3 days. When you are ready, pour the desired amount of infused liquor into a glass, add ice and either sparkling water, soda, or a Sprite/7up pop option and voila, you have a beautiful new cocktail! You won't believe that most of these are even sugar free! 

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