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Intense 3-in-1 Magnetic Fast Charge Cords for all devices

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Who is tired of figuring out which cord works in their house? What about those of us whose kids steal our cords!! Look no further! Get these awesome cords even if you have different types of mobile devices!

YES! A true universal charging cord!

These 3-in-1 Magnetic fast charge cords come with 3 adapters: -1 lightening

-1 micro usb

-1 type c

-one usb magnetic charging cord

Simply plug the adapter button into the applicable phone/device and the end magnetically attaches to the charging cord so any device can use the same cord.

Durable nylon cord exterior means full range motion at the plug intersection without breaking like typical charging cords.

Each Intense 3-in-1 cord gets over 10,000 charges vs an average 3000 charges for regular cords, and is a fast charge.

Expected out for delivery by the first week of October


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