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Intense i12 Wireless Earbuds

Special Price CA$38.00 Regular Price CA$59.99
Intense i12 Wireless Earbuds

YES! The upgraded i12 is here! Improved base and sound, as well as instant connection!

The Intense i12 Earbuds are BlueTooth, Wireless and rechargable!

These awesome Ear buds are compatible with:

  • iOS
  • Samsung and Android devices with Bluetooth capability
  • Tablets BlueTooth

Includes the following specs:

  • Jl 5.0 Speaker: 8mm
  • Working distance: 10-20m,
  • Music time: 3 hours, 
  • Call time: 5 hours,
  • Standby time: 6 hours
  • Earbuds capacity: 2 x 40mA, Charge box capacity: 300mA,
  • Functions: listen to music start, stop, change/answer call, stop call.

The charge box can charge the buds about 3 times before needing to be recharged

Includes a 6 month manufacturer defect warranty, this product is distributed to us from a BC Company and these are each tested for function twice.

Out for delivery by the first week of April or sooner

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