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Introducing Solid Perfumes from Routine!


You love their deodorant - now try Routine's NEW solid perfume!

100% natural solid perfumes in your favourite scents to enlighten your olfactories & amplify your pheromones!

Formulated with a 100% natural base (jojoba, apricot oil, cocoa butter & beeswax) and essential oils, these beauties are for mixing, matching, and being totally smell-catching.

Layer with different routine perfumes & deodorants (or anything routine!) OR your favourite go-to perfume to fully customize the essence of YOU!

Like any perfume, we recommend applying to the nape of your neck, wrists, crease of the elbows/knees, or anywhere else you want to enhance your scent.

Tested on thousands of human friends, never animal friends.

Size: 15g

*Description of scents available listed below.

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