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Johnny's Chop Shop Men's Hair Products

An array of awesome hair care products for men!Johnny's Chop Shop is a retro style barbershop offering vintage cuts. We craft honest, slick styles for guys who want well-groomed with attitude. Retro-inspired craft is fused with directional techniques for remarkably uncommon results. Johnny's Chop Shop offerings include: -Johnny's Chop Shop Trigger Happy Spray is a gritty, texturising salt spray. Provides a rough and ready surfer look with gritty texture and a touch of volume. -Johnny's Chop Shop Wild Cat Hair Clay is a strong hold, matte finish styling clay that delivers a dishevelled and structured look with some serious muscle. -Johnny's Chop Shop Johnny's Fix Hairspray is a style fixative with firm hold and control. Puts hair in its place, with lasting hold to fix any style. Adds a dose of frizz control and humidity resistance. -Johnny's Chop Shop Hair Pomade is a high shine, water based pomade providing professional slick shine and style with uncompromising hold. Out for delivery first week of December
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