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KERNELS Popcorn! A Fundraiser for MVCALS!


Now you can get your favourite Popcorn AND help out an incredible organization!

Mountain View Communities Adult Learning Society (MVCALS) is a nonprofit and registered charity based in Mountain View County Alberta. We provide education to adult learners in: Life Skills, Job Search/preparation, English Language Learning, Family Literacy, Basic Adult Literacy and Post Secondary Education Preparation.

We are proud to support this initiative here in Alberta with this awesome Popcorn Fundraiser!

Kernels Popcorn! Each pack comes in a snack size foil bag- stays fresh for 90 days!



Butter Salt: $2.00+ GST

Dill Pickle: $2.00 + GST

Salt & Vinegar: $2.00+GST

White Cheddar: $2.00 +GST

Say Cheddar Cheese: $2.00 +GST


Creamy Caramel: $2.50+GST

Air Caramel: $2.50 +GST

Great for adding to lunches, snacks, movie nights!

Out for delivery by the end of April! THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

Out of stock