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Kikkerland Earbud Cleaning Kit

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Kikkerland Earbud Cleaning Kit

How many times have your kids cleaned their ear buds?

How many times have you?

Probably never, or rarely!!!

Now you can regularly clean your earbuds with this awesome Earbud Cleaning set by Kikkerland!

One of several awesome repair and maintenance kits, these make great stocking stuffers, gift add ons and must haves for anyone!

This eleven-piece kit has everything you need to keep your earbuds looking and sounding great. Kit includes 2 soft bristle brushes, 5 extra fine cleaning swabs, 1 soft brush, 1 cleaning spray bottle, and 2 anti-static cleaning wipes in a convenient tin.

The Earbud Cleaning Kit is the perfect companion for on-the-go, in the office or right at home. Keep your earbuds looking new and sounding great. This kit is great for anyone who shares earbuds, and can be used on almost any size earpiece! The tin is easily stored, or carry it in your laptop bag or purse!

Out for delivery mid December!

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