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KOZY KANOPY: Patented Fire pit Shelters!

As low as CA$135.00
100% of 100

Change your Campfire/Firepit experience forever!

Introducing Kozy Kanopy, the patented, fire resistant fire pit shelter that is safe to have erect over open flame!

Bring the party under the Kanopy and you will never have "camp fire chilly bum" again!

Each Kozy Kanopy is 10' x 10' and is able to be erected at mutliple heights, for a peak height of 116"!

All the good deets:


-Each Kozy Kanopy is made of a Silver Powder Coated Square Steel Frame. Chosen for strength during weather, the square construction is considerably more strong and load baring that its competitor shapes.

-Includes Paddle Release construction and locking system making it easy for any person to use, even kids and those with limited hand mobility. Gone are the days of sore finger tips from having to push metal toggles into the holes for adjustment and locking! The set up and take down is done in the quickest time and with the most ease of use for anyone!

-Includes four 8" stakes to tether legs to the ground for anchoring

-Includes a 600D Polyester fabric rolling bag with wheels for durability and easy travelling/storage


-Each Kozy Kanopy is made of 300D Polyester that is Patent Pending for Fire and Water Resistance (most fabrics on canopies from Walmart, Home Depot, etc are 190-210D and the fabric wears out quickly and can't hold water load or will rip or buckle). The Kozy Kanopy is built to last, with every step of this invention thought through for the best value, quality of products and pride of workmanship.

Kanopy Cap during use:

-for use over a smoker or a bbq, you can actually leave the 24" center cap on, and during fire pit use or open flames, simply remove the cap for proper venting.

-Cap construction system allows the canopy to vent 4 peaks, not just 2. During wind gusts, the tent holds steady due to the vent peaks

-Each cap is held in place by strong "married" Magnets on the very top of the canopy as well as velcro straps for added security. When you need to remove the cap (for example, when starting a camp fire), simply lower the canopy to the second tier, remove the cap, and increase the height again! The Kozy Kanopy can be lowered to cover and protect your campfire area from rain and morning dew overnight. So you can even leave your chairs underneath and they will be dry in the morning! Simply lower the canopy when you go in, and when you need the firepit in the morning, simply raise the canopy again and you have a dry fire pit ready for a fire as well as dry chairs!

Available in:

-Kozy Kanopy 10'x10' Shelter 

-Kozy Kanopy Top only - add on your existing 10'x10' structure!

-Kozy Package that includes the Kozy Kanopy and 3 solid sidewalls (believe us, you won't need the fourth wall-the fabric traps heat making it uber kozy!)

Includes 30 day manufacturer defect warranty. Misuse is not covered.

Also included: Instructions for erection and sidewall installation.



Ships in approximately 2 weeks