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Lap It Up Dog Water Bottle: Made in Canada!

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Never leave home without a drink for your pooch!

Specially Designed For Dogs & Dog Owners ON THE GO! Lap-It-Up Dog Water Bottle™ is always ready with a cold drink to rehydrate your dog with clean, safe water.

Lap-It-Up™ Dog Water Bottle is created with durability and safety in mind:

• Made of B.P.A. (Bisphenol A) Free plastic

• 20 fluid ounce holding capacity

• Neoprene sleeve helps keep water cool

• Leak proof bottle

• 2 valve system allows water to drain back into bottle


Easy To Use!

Gently squeeze the sides and water fills the bowl. Release the squeeze and water flows back into the bottle so no water is wasted. Designed for travel, the Lap-It-Up™ Dog Water Bottle comes with an adjustable strap and clip hook, making it easy to attach to backpacks, belts, strollers, bikes and more. Bring Lap-It-Up™ Dog Water Bottle on hikes, walks, jogs, hunting, fishing... anywhere, anytime! Lap-It-Up™ Dog Water Bottle also fits in most standard vehicle cup holders, making it ideal to bring with you on the road.

Comes in assorted styles, please indicate if you prefer a colour and we will do our best to fill that, but they do come assorted! (or indicate if there are any you do not want!)

Colours available are: Blue, Red, Camo, Pink Camo

Out for delivery mid May!

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