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Beautiful, Magnetic and affordable!

Ditch toxic glues and lashes that are hard to put on!

100% Vegan and Cruelty Free, Lola's Magnetic Lashes and Adhesive Eyeliners are safe and easy to use.

Unlike other lash brands we have not and will never stock mink lashes - we love our fur babies way too much to wear them! Our lashes are all made from synthetic silk! The Lola's Lashes Magnetic Eyeliner complies with EU and North American safety regulations and is completely safe for your eyes and skin!

Our unique premium liner formulas are the best on the market providing the most secure hold and longest wear for stunning lash looks that last 24+ hours and can stay put through wind and rain (up to 75mph wind, in fact!). Changing your lashes should be as easy as changing your fashion and Lola's Lashes are the perfect alternative to expensive and semi-permanent lash extensions. Just swap out your magnetic lashes in a snap!

Many brands use 3 connecting magnets, whereas Lola's Lashes use 5. This ensures a much better hold on the eyelash and also gives customers the freedom to cut the width down to suit the width of their eyes. Our lashes are also superior in terms of ethics and hair quality, as we only source from cruelty-free, premium manufacturers. Our magnetic lashes last up to 30 all-day wears and our magnetic eyeliner lasts up to 60 uses. You should apply one layer of magnetic eyeliner with enough coverage to allow the magnetic lashes to connect - you can apply a secondary layer for extra hold. Allow the magnetic eyeliner to fully dry (3-5 minutes) before applying the lashes.

We fully test all products we sell and they all go through rigorous testing and trials. Lola's Lashes eyeliner is waterproof and will stay exactly where it should be with zero smudging in the rain and during workouts. However, we do not advise that you go swimming or shower with the eyeliner on. Our oil cleanser is for removing the magnetic liner only (after you remove the lashes), and to clean the lash you would use an oil free cleanser.

Please see below description of each eyelash profile to determine which ones will best suite you!

Each set includes magnetic lashes, magnetic eyeliner in either Black or Dark Brown, and oil cleanser for the skin!

Also available: their revolutionary Flick & Stick Adhesive Lash Sets for those who prefer non magnetic lashes. We also have accessories and additional adhesive and liner as well!

Expected out for delivery before the end of April!

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