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Lumena N9 NEW MODEL! mini Rechargable & Portable Fan

After LUMENA N9-FAN Series ignited the sensation, they became the standard for all portable fans. Thanks to its creative innovation, including improved new  four-step airflow control and an innovative charging system. The result of maximizing all possible advantages of a portable fan is the LUMENA N9-FAN PRO2. Hand held size for bringing anywhere! Replacing the old fashioned fan, the N9-FAN became a must-have item for the summer. Our unique design and technology is patented, so be sure to keep an eye out for other imitations of our product. Comes with removable base holder and wrist strap! Available in 3 colors: white mint, pink or navy Specs:USB rechargeable (Li-ion 2,500mAh). Wireless-portable 3.9" fan/air circulator for all season. Removable safety net for easy cleaning. "Beautiful" wind, great performance with simple but attractive design. Portable with easy grip/desktop friendly with stand cradle. Wireless charging stand cradle. Innovative BLDC motor. Unique 30 degree vent cover frame to create "tornado" wind. 4-step wind speed. 14 hrs in low-speed, 3 hrs in high-speed run time. Quiet (13 dB) and powerful (32 km/h) air flow. Package includes a wrist strap, a USB cable, a stand cradle. In stock and out for delivery August 27!
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