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LunchPunch! On HUGE Sale!


Kick lunches up a knotch with LUNCHPUNCH!

Comes as a set of cutters per set as shown to make fun puzzle designs with sandwiches, fruit, cheese, and other soft foods that make lunches for anyone fun!

Lunch Punch is:

  • Designed to capture the most amount of bread to minimize waste
  • Made of fully ABS FDA certified food grade plastic
  • BPA free, lead free, mercury free, phthalate free!
  • Kid friendly, diswasher safe and fully recyclable

Match & Munch™ set includes:

  • 2 piece puzzle
  • 4 piece “corners” puzzle
  • 4 piece “sides” puzzle
  • 2 piece “inner and side” puzzle

Sweet Treats set includes:

  • cupcake
  • birthday cake
  • ice cream
  • bubble gum

Dino set include:

  • 4 dino cut outs
  • 1 Triceratops

Out for delivery by the first week of August!

Out of stock