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LUXE Ultra Plush Hot Water Bottle

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LUXE Ultra Plush Hot Water Bottle

This Luxurious Hot Water Bottle with ultra-plush cover provides long-lasting warmth for those long winter nights and is easy to fill!

Product Features

  • Stylish and luxurious.
  • Easy to fill.
  • Cover: 100% Polyester.
  • Interior water blatter: 100% natural rubber
  • Great for "that time of the month" or any other muscle aches and soreness!

How to use:

  • Remove the faux fur cover from the hot water bottle.
  • Untwist and remove the stopper.
  • Hold the bottle by the neck in an upright position.
  • Carefully fill the bottle two-thirds of the way up with hot (NOT BOILING) water.
  • Give the bottle a gentle squeeze to expel excess air, ensuring not to spill the water.
  • Twist the stopper back in tight. If there is water in the funnel, empty it.
  • Put the cover back on.
  • After use, drain the water and store with stopper removed.


Use caution. Hot water bottles can cause burns if not used properly. Do not use boiling water. Do not fill more than two-thirds of the bottle. Avoid prolonged direct contact with the skin. Carefully inspect the bottle for damage before each use. Do not continue to use if the bottle is damaged. Do not microwave. Do not lie or sit on the bottle. Do not leave in the sun or expose to any hot surfaces or chemicals as this can compromise the integrity of the rubber and, therefore, your safety. Keep out of reach of children unless supervised.

Out for delivery mid October!

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