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Make My Bed Buddies!

Now our kids will want to make their beds! Make My Bed Buddies is transforming the way that children as young as 3 are making their beds. These fun plush bed buddies are easy to find among a child's messy bed. Your little one simply pulls their bed buddy up, covers the buddies with pillows and in no time, your child’s bed is made and your child is left with a sense of pride that will encourage them to set and accomplish more tasks throughout their day. These patent pending fun and carefully designed characters have a clip that attaches the sheet and top bedding together. Their handle like shape is easily gripped with small hands to make making the bed and fun and easy daily task. They also work well to keep the duvet in place inside the duvet cover, keeping children warm and cozy all night long. Designed & created by a local Calgary Mother of four, with a  vision to turn a boring chore into a fast & fun daily routine. Happy to be offered exclusively through Shoplift Deals first! Expected to be out for delivery by the first part of April or sooner!  
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