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Man'stuff Skin & Beard Care

Man'Stuff is a no-nonsense range of essential toiletries, designed for men and is entirely VEGAN!

Man'Stuff Beard Shampoo (75ML)

Formulated with aloe vera to gently cleanse bristly beards, whilst keeping skin soft and refreshed.

Follow with Man'stuff beard oil to keep facial fuzz in tip top condition. Apply to dampened beard, lather and rinse. Gently pat dry.

Man'Stuff Beard Oil (50ML)

Softens bristly beards and relieves dry, itchy skin.

Suitable for all types of facial hair, Man'Stuff beard oil is light and fast absorbing. Use following Man'Stuff beard shampoo for great results.

Apply a small amount through beard or moustache until absorbed.

Man'Stuff Face Moisturizer (150ML)

An easily absorbed, non-greasy formula to help leave your skin feeling smooth, soft and supple.

Great to use after shaving, contains aloe vera to soothe and hydrate.

Apply to skin daily.

Man'Stuff Face Wash (250ML)

Our subtly fragranced face wash will cut through the oil and dirt to leave you feeling refreshed and ready for anything.

Follow with Man'Stuff moisturiser for the ultimate hydration.

Massage into dampened skin, then rinse and pat dry.

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