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MasterPieces Puzzle Mat!

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MasterPieces Puzzle Mat!

The fun way to store your puzzles!

Using a MasterPieces Puzzle Storage Mat greatly decreases bending pieces. Includes easy-to-assemble telescoping roll-up tube and puzzle mat with 3 straps for secure storage!

Puzzle Roll-Up:

  • This is the quickest, easiest and most secure way to store your puzzles short of taking them apart and putting them back into their original box!
  • Package contains one 36x30in felt mat, three piece telescoping tube and three velcro straps.
  • It is very easy to use and measured to accommodate most puzzles up to 1000 pieces.
  • Made in USA.
  • recommended for use for 13 years+

This is a fun and worry-free way to store your unfinished project Return and complete it at your own leisure!

In stock in limited quantities and out for delivery mid May!

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