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Mexican Vanilla Paste by Award Winning Blue Cattle Truck Co

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Step up your recipe game with the Gourmet Vanilla Bean Paste by Blue Cattle Truck Co! The vanilla "caviar" seeds are sure to impress anyone who eats something made with them! These jars are a LOT of vanilla bean paste. One 1/2 of a vanilla bean is 1 tsp... so each jar of this bean paste is 24 vanilla beans! WOW!

Great for visual and taste in any baking, especially: -whipped cream (hello: on top of Bailey's and Hot Chocoate? YES PLEASE!)


-white cakes such as pound cake

-vanilla ice cream

-vanilla pudding

-milk shakes

-creme brulee

-sugar cookies


Contents: Mexican Vanilla Extract, Sugar, Water, Vanilla Bean, Tragcanth Gum (Natural Thickener) All Natural. No Additives or Preservatives. Gluten Free.

Adds to the appearance and aroma of your dishes!

WHY is this vanilla so expensive? The Blue Cattle Truck Co Authentic Mexican Vanilla products are grown in Mexico and imported into Canada. Each vanilla bean vine takes 2-4 years to mature, and they have a one day for pollination to occur. Talk about positive pregnancy test stress!

PRO TIP: if you are baking anything where the end result is that the flecks of Vanilla aren't visible, opt to buy the extract instead!

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