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Milk Magic Straws: makes any type of milk more fun!

Milk Magic Straws

Milk Magic Straws are just that: MAGIC!

They are the easiest, most fun way to drink milk of any kind! As you sip through the straw, flavor beads flavor your milk, making it a deliciously fun experience! Milk

Magic Straws are:

  • Each straw is portion controlled and doesn't require measuring or stirring!
  • No aritificial colours or flavours
  • No preservatives
  • each straw is individually wrapped
  • available in 10 flavours: Unicorn Kisses, Cotton Candy, Strawberry, Cookies & Cream, Chocolate, Birthday Cake, Cinnamon Roll, Strawberry Banana, Bubble Gum, and of course Rootbeer Float!
  • Each package has 4 straws of the same flavour

Out for delivery by the first week of May!


Ships in approximately 2 weeks
As low as CA$3.49 Regular Price CA$3.99