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Wireless Mini Humidifier - Take the moisture with you!


We all know how dry it can be this time of the year!  With this personal, portable mini humidifier, take the moisture with you!  Use at your desk, camping, in your car, office, in your bedroom, or anywhere!

Charges through a USB, features colouring changing light and can operate for 5 hours on constant mist or up to 10 hours with intermittent misting!

  • Silent humidification, moisturizing all day.
  • Nano fine mist, deep hydration.
  • Wireless humidifier, place it anywhere at will.
  • Ambient night light, still hydrating at night, too! Choose from gradient colour changing, solid colour option, or no light!
  • Fog volume up to 40-50ml / h, a short time to fully enhance the air humidity.


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