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Mosquito Repellent Patches! Set of 12, each lasts up to 12 hours!

Special Price CA$6.00 Regular Price CA$8.99
80% of 100
All natural and DEET FREE!

And YES these repellent patches are different from others! They are patented...they are made with fibres that have the repellent oils in them, instead of just having the top of the patch sprayed. That is why ours last 12 hours!

Each patch set includes 12 per pack and comes in a re-sealable package to keep your patches fresh that aren't in use.

Patches are great for the entire family! You can wear them on your clothing, hat, backpacks, even on your baby strollers or carseats!

They are handy to have in your car/diaper bag/purse and are great for picnics, the lake, camping, your back yard, a bbq, summer camp, anywhere you are outdoors!

These are meant to be placed on garments/items, not on your skin. For other options, please check out our repellent bracelet that lasts up to 180 hours as well!

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