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Ms Sloane & Co Beeswax Food Wraps-2 pack


Alicia Harrison is a Calgarian who created MsSloane&Co  after being introduced to beeswax food wraps & falling head over heels in love.  Alicia’s goal is to rid the planet of plastic film & baggies - one food wrap at a time! Each wrap is hand made by Alicia with care & love – and a genuine passion to help eliminate harmful materials from the environment.

With a commitment to having minimal impact on the environment, MsSloane& Co uses only hemp string and a small paper label  to package the beeswax food wraps.  The beeswax used is amazing and pure and sourced from local apiaries in the Calgary, AB and Okotoks, AB areas.

The wraps are made using 100% cotton - making them breathable and biodegradable. They can be hand washed in cool to lukewarm water, laid flat to dry, and reused over and over.  

Handy Tip: after much use the wrap may start to look ragged and may start to lose it's stickiness. To rejuvenate and extend their life even longer, simply lay on tin foil covered cookie sheet at 250 degrees for 4-5 minutes and hang to dry.

Once the wrap reaches the end of its life cycle, cut into strips and discard into your composting bin

MsSloane& Co beeswax food wraps are suitable for covering glass containers, breads, snacks, cheeses, fresh fruit and vegetables...and so much more!. The only thing they are not suitable for is covering meat, unless its in a glass bowl that is being covered.

Choose from either an XL 2 pack that has 2 XL food wraps in them (great for wrapping sandwiches, larger glass bowls, etc) or a 2 pack that has 1 medium and 1 large food wrap (great for smaller snacks, cheeses, smaller glass containers, etc). Each 2 pack comes as a random pattern set. 

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