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Muscle EEZE By Edith Rose Naturals-60g

Need relief from your sore, achy muscles? Suffer from restless legs? Suffer no more with MUSCLE EEZE by Edith Rose Naturals! Comes in a convenient stick form for easy application! Just rub on the sore area and wait a few moments to feel the relief! Made of a natural beeswax and cocoa butter base with essential oils! This 60g container is a soothing and therapeutic blend that relieves all kinds of ailments! (not recommended for use on pregnant women or young children). KEY ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Cinnamon Leaf: Antispasmodic, carminative Cajeput: Analgesic, calming Cloves: Antiseptic, analgesic Japanese Mint Oil: Antispasmodic, cooling Camphor: anti-inflammatory, antiseptic Menthol: cooling Out for delivery by the first week of December  
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