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NEW!! Kitchen Sink Soap by Squeaky Clean Soapery

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You know how it is when your kids (or partner for that matter) do dishes...when, without rinsing it, they wipe the dish covered in tomato sauce with your new dishcloth and then they don't rinse the cloth and it sits in a pile at the bottom of the sink with the rest of the sauce bits that didn't get rinsed out, until you find it the next morning and now your new dishcloth stinks, is stained orange, is slippery with who-knows-what kind of bacterial growth, and will never be the same???  No? That was just my kids? Ok, but either way, we've all had the nasty dishcloth experience.

Not anymore!!! The NEW Kitchen Sink Soap from Squeaky Clean Soapery will have that cloth sparkling clean in minutes. No stains, no stench, and no slippery ickyness. Just a lemony fresh, super clean and disinfected cloth. You are most welcome! :)

To freshen dishclothes, remove stains, and remove odors, simply wet the dishcloth and use the soap to create a generous lather. Scrub by agitating the fabric back and forth, then rinse. Hang to dry.
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