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O' An Wan: The Strategical Math game

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O' An Wan: The Strategical Math game

O' An Wan enhances math skills for kids and tests adults abilities as well!

This award-winning board game is made of high-grade rubber-wood from Vietnam, with precision curves and angles. The colored playing pieces are branded, and made of a durable, polished acrylic.

Test your calculating skills!

The traditional version of this game has been around for a hundreds of years!

The game is very challenging and keeps players focused on every move. It is valuable for enhancing calculating and strategical abilities.

In 1086, it is said tha Vietnamese mathmetician Tích discovered negative numbers by playing O' An Wan. A game that's capable of unlocking the endless mysteries of numbers! Use your planning and counting skills move the stones across the board and capture as many as you can. Easy to learn, difficult to master!

Plays in groups of 2: 2 people or 2 teams.

Fun for ages 6+, small pieced pose a choking hazzard. Basic math skills required.

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