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Organika Magnesium Citrate: 3 flavours

Get your daily magnesium needs in a portable, fizzy way. Just add the powder to water for a drink packed with premium ionic magnesium.

What's ionic magnesium? It's the mineral responsible for hundreds of body functions: magnesium helps our neurotransmitters send messages through our spinal cord and to the rest of our body. If you don’t get enough magnesium, you will begin to have trouble performing many of these processes, and experience symptoms from heart problems to fatigue.

This awesome Organika product is available in 3 flavours:

-Watermelon & Lime,

-Raspberry Rose,


Each is a 250g container!

Soothe is an easy breezy fizzy way to get your daily magnesium needs. Add it to water for a deliciously refreshing drink packed with premium ionic magnesium, the hardest-working mineral out there, responsible for hundreds of body functions. Soothe yourself. Your body will thank you.

Out for delivery by the end of May!

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