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Outdoor FUN!

Outdoor FUN!

Feeling COOPED UP? 

No problem!
These items will help you get outside, and respect our physical distancing requirements!

Here are some great items for you and your family to try:

1.Pop and Pass:

Pop and Pass is a game of catch using special foam ball launchers that encourages active play, coordination, outdoor play and cooperative play. Place one of the foam balls in the basket of your launcher and pull the handle back to load it. Then, with a quick push of the handle -POP-the ball goes flying fast through the air! Launch straight up and try to catch it again with your own launcher. Or, give the other launcher to a friend (or family member until we are safe to socialize!) and play an intense game of Pop-n-Pass-Catch. Experience classic active play that's thrillingly unique. Includes 2 pass rackets and 2 foam balls. recommended for ages 6+ 

2. OgoSport: 

A hand trampoline for balls: throw, catch, bounce! Mini flies the farthest and its small target area increases difficulty. Bounce any ball -- for summer fun, try it in the pool with water balloons! Play alone or with many people. Throw and catch like a flying disk. Adapts to team sports lilke voleyball, baseball and tennis. Awesome with water balloons. Or invent your own games! There are endless possibilities. Includes: 2 OgoSport 12" Disks - one orange, one teal - with OgoSoft Ball

3. Cra-Z-Art Sidewalk Chalk:

16 pieces of fun! 

Cra-Z-Art's 16 Count Colored Chalk, features less breakage, and long lasting, non-toxic sticks.


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